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closer to the light
11 August 2009

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Big red
12 April 2008

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11 April 2008

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out of frame
26 October 2007

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23 October 2007

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19 September 2007

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this little piggy
17 September 2007

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just a speck
30 August 2007

Recent Comments

DavoBrown on just being me

Joshua Chan on closer to the light
I like it cause i think it highlights the eyes. but ya, maybe a bit too heavy. distracting?

Curly on closer to the light
Nice portrait but not sure about those catch lights in the eyes. What do you think?

aLv|N on just being me
WHAT?!?!?! eh uncle, how much weight did u lose? i thought Malaysian has good food? WHAT HAPPENED? love the shirt thou!

Josh on just being me
Oh wow! That's the passion shirt? Cool, can't wait for them to come here in Canada. Missed the one in ...

Wayne on just being me
Looking good mate!

Aerial footage on Bird of paradise
Good macro :)))

aLv|N on Big red
man! update brother!!! and give me ur address so i can send u the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Samantha on Big red
Hey, nice the colours. How are you? hope all is well...

Joshua Chan on Big red
thanks man :) that is a observation deck for bird watchers. This place is actually a lake where some migratory birds ...

Observing on Big red
Amazing image, what is the red building doing there?

Josh on tron
Oh wow!

Tse Min on adam and eve
cute!!! man, long time no c. how have u been?!

bumblebee on adam and eve
update joshi-porgy :) where have u been? ;)

Amy Postales on TJ
The light over the man is great, magic. Fabulous shot!

Shayne on just a speck
this will be me! in...less than 3 weeks time! yaaaaaaaay

Shayne on up up and away
hahahaahahahahahahaha i thought it was your younger brother or something!! made my day. hahahahaha

Shayne on almost noon
joshy-porgi! this is beautiful! it's like one of those calendar pics. good job!

Mohamadreza on docked
Nice DOF, well done.

Mohamadreza on TJ
Cool lighting,

aLv|N on William
i'm going to miss this guy man! =(

aLv|N on TJ
eh... go my aminus! ;)

Michael on TJ
very cool shot. reminds me of the song "Light Surrounding You" by Evermore.

Josh on docked
This one is unique!

Tristan Rusch on TJ
Very Cool Light and shadow.....very nice shot

Lionel on out of frame
Dude love this photo man XD

Coriander on docked
that's so beautiful!

Tom on docked
I'll echo, great point of view and selection of depth of field.

Damon Schreiber on docked
Love it!

Stefan on docked
Brilliant pic, great!

Twelvebit on almost noon
Great use of mid day light.

Tago on docked
Very cool!

Sharon on docked
Great point of view.

annora on Patrick
nice angle.and patrick looks so weird with eyebags.=( he is actually my fav character when it comes to spongebob ...

bumblebee on look ma, there's where i live!
Update joshi-porgy! ;)

Tse Min on look ma, there's where i live!
feels like in a dream...

anthony on look ma, there's where i live!
WOW. And.. how?

Josh on look ma, there's where i live!
Wow! Looks like some place in the middle east! Stunning lighting!

Michael on look ma, there's where i live!
wahahaha... it says Dandenong then I guess and say Mornington... effects of surfing in the morning.

Michael on look ma, there's where i live!
Lemme guess where this was taken... Mornington right?

Samantha on almost noon
wow! really a bug's eye view! fantastic... :D

Alvin on almost noon
now why can't i take pictures like that? hmrph!

Michael on Play me something fresh
Josh. I want this photo, please please please. : )

Tse Min on almost noon

Tricia on almost noon
fantastic shot Joshua!

mIchAEl on almost noon
the flowers almost appear translucent. nice.

Michael on this little piggy
after trying out the mooncake with egg... i concur... the best is the one without egg (esp. the one that Emalyne's ...

Pouhou on monolith
funny usage of a wide angle well done

Tricia on monolith
Wow, nice fisheye shot!

Joshua Chan on monolith
Thank you everyone. the response to this entry is quite overwhelming :)

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